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Thursday, 21 July 2022



It's been a while since I've added anything to this blog. 


 Here's a link to a recent interview I did with 

Zuzanne Belec, author of 

Layers: A Collection of Short Stories.


 If you'd like to read my interview, 

(plus more from fellow authors) 

here is the link to get you there...

Author interview link 



Zuzanne Belec


 A Collection of Short Stories.


Link to view or buy Layers


Wednesday, 11 May 2022


KDP countdown deals... 
All of my children's books are scheduled for countdown deals starting from 10th May. (US & UK).  

Also available to read in Kindle Unlimited.
Free promotion... 
Both of these books are free for 5 days from 11th May... 
Restless Spectres & Witch Spelling


Thursday, 31 March 2022

The 5th in the mini monsters series 

is now available.


All of my ebooks are available in KU
The mini monsters books are not numbered as a series, 
so buying 1 (or a few), 
won't look as though you're missing some of them.





Sample pages...



Six Mini Monsters: Go Camping 


 Coming next...

 Six Mini Monsters: ​On An Allotment.​




Sunday, 20 March 2022

 5* Review for Life and More


Reviewed By Diana  for Readers’ Favorite

Any ordinary moment can become extraordinary through poetry, but you have to find the right words to express yourself properly, harmoniously, and agreeably. In Life and More, these everyday situations are shown with amazing perspective, sometimes with nostalgia and other times with humor, and at times even with mysticism. Ann Woodley tells us about a wide variety of topics, including new places, new ideas, and Spring, but also about everyday reality such as trying to start a diet, being with family, or struggling with feelings involving a situation. Many of the poems are like little stories in themselves, others are like wanderings, but all the pages have Ann Woodley’s heart in her words.

It was great to read a variety of themes covered by the poems, especially as I can empathize with them because they are part of Ann Woodley's experiences. Not only is the realism felt, but at the same time, they are very entertaining and original. Life and More is very creative in a way that makes me want to write poetry to express myself in the same way. The composition is very good, with practical expressions. The narration is excellent. I loved the perspective of seeing things in a different manner and how poetry can be inspired by any subject, because with this way of thinking anyone can overcome many situations and appreciate life more. Both readers new to the world of poetry, and the experienced will enjoy the words of Life and More.


Life and More 



Thursday, 10 March 2022


The 4th in the mini monsters series 

is now available.

Six Mini Monsters: Have A Party

All of my ebooks are available in KU
The mini monsters books are not numbered as a series, 
so buying 1 (or a few), 
won't look as though you're missing some of them.



Six Mini Monsters: Have A Party 



A couple of sample pages... 



Six Mini Monsters: Have A Party 





Monday, 21 February 2022


 Murder, serial killer/stalker, witches, ghosts, tarot, children's books, short story collections, poetry. 
The perpetual calendar is paperback only. 
 Latest 4 children's books...  
 Six Mini Monsters 
Have A Treasure Hunt

Six Mini Monsters
        At The Zoo

Six Mini Monsters 
      At The Beach

Counting Colours Numbers Shapes


There will be more books available in the 

Six Mini Monsters series.





All ebooks are in Kindle Unlimited.

Wednesday, 16 February 2022


See how many you know. 
I knew 7, but I have one to add...

The dent/line under your nose is a philtrum.

 If you press at the top of your philtrum when you feel a sneeze coming, most times it will stop it


Tuesday, 15 February 2022


 All books (so far)


Multi genre



Children's books

Murder, serial killer/stalker, witches, ghosts, poetry, tarot, 
children's, short story collections. 
All of these ebooks are in KU
(Kindle Unlimited)
The perpetual calendar is paperback only


Three of the mini monsters now have new colours. 

The print copies showed them to be too dark on some backgrounds.

There are now 3 books so far in this series, with more to come.

The stories haven't changed, so you can still view the videos. 

The updated colours can be seen on a more recent blog post.

 Six Mini Monsters


Six Mini Monsters

Showing some sample pages in the video.

Also available in KU. 

Six mini monsters spend a fun day at the beach.

After reading each verse, 
you could encourage your child/ren to discuss elements of the picture.



Six Mini Monsters