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Thursday, 20 September 2018

 The end of Kboards

For the last few days, I've been editing & removing over 900 of my posts in Kboards Writer's Cafe.
A place (forum) I've recommended to other new & not so new authours from other forums over the last year or so, I loved that place, I've learnt so much there about so much to do with self-publishing, interacted with so many lovely authors from around the globe (sorry flat-earthers) & my books have improved so much regarding formatting thanks to the lovely community & its members.

I've been directed to so much help with making my own book covers & all things writerly, I've found & been involved with book promos, I've had laughs, lots of laughs, interesting discussions & just generally really felt like a part of the community & everything that goes along with that.

The end is near & I'm sad to see what it has become since being bought out by VerticalScope.
VerticalScope slipped in a new (hidden) TOS (terms of service).
The fact that it was hidden meant that none of us agreed to it, we wouldn't even know about it now if an eagle-eyed forum member hadn't found it & alerted the rest of us to it. 

The resulting discussion has been going on for days with most of us wanting to leave but guess what? We're not allowed to, go figure!
We've been instructed to email VerticalScope in order to request an exit & our data to be purged, which I did 2 days ago.
With 1000s wanting to leave at once & VerticalScope not wanting that to happen, there's no telling how long it will take to actually leave.

This post is aimed at warning other authors thinking of joining there that you will be signing away your rights to everything, your name, your profile pic, your content, possibly even your privately held data.
I can't speak for the accuracy of this bit but people are reporting more email spam (since the forum was sold) than ever before with an email address that's only used for that forum.
These people believe that their details are being sold.

I asked on the forum if anybody had a blog post that I could copy/paste onto my page as I didn't think I could explain everything without leaving out any important info.

Julie pointed me to the following from her blog & it makes for very interesting reading if you're an author...

Tales From the Sith Witch  (Julie's blog).

Thank you Julie. 💖

Julie has also added a timeline of events that are important & that may be added to as more nefarious dealings present themselves. 

I've joined a new forum that's being set up by another Kboards member & a lot of my fellow authors are migrating there, so all is not lost but it's a sad day/week for Kboards & everyone that made it the place it was.
It will never be the same again.

Apparently, (from people doing Google searches) VerticalScope have a habit of buying out successful forums, running them into the ground but adding so many adverts that get them a far-reaching revenue as people still find the dead-ish forum from searches etc.

Kboards, you'll be missed by so many.


Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Books by A. Woodley

Now taking sign ups for an occasional newsletter, whenever there is a new book release, a price or group promo or other relevant & interesting news.

My newsletters are only sent out to people who sign up for them, please use the link below. 

 The first newsletter is planned for November to include (hopefully) my new book release and a group promo of reduced price, short story collections.

I don't intend to bombard my subscribers with constant updates but there will be the occasional new releases & promos that may be of interest.

Subscribers can unsubscribe at any time.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Here's the latest author spotlight featuring

Amanda LeMay

Jules Havarr is a Breeder. For her, it’s a problem. Smaller than other wolves, she grew up feeling inferior to her pack mates. It didn’t help that males tended to avoid her, or looked down on her as though she were unworthy of attention. When a visiting Breeder extends an invitation to breed, Jules accepts his offer, even though it means leaving her home, friends, family, and pack behind.

Breeding at the Moon Dance is an honor she can’t refuse.

That is, until the moment she meets Sorin Campion, and a rare and ancient bond binds them together. She knows it in her heart, feels it deep in her soul. This male is her sakana, and she's all in.

The only problem? The Breeder whose invitation she recently accepted is Sorin’s twin brother.

Sorin is a dead wolf walking. He's suffered tragedy and heartbreak that left a lasting reminder of all he’s lost burned into his flesh. He’s lived the past few decades barely existing.

Can the sakana bond he shares with Jules awaken him from his misery, and bring purpose and hope back into his lonely life?

While exploring their love for one another, Sorin and Jules are tested by a dangerous ongoing threat to their pack. A dark and vengeful enemy may tear them, and their new found happiness, apart. 

Click on the title to buy.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Here's another author spotlight featuring 

Joyce Reynolds-Ward 

In a world of supernatural beings, not knowing what you are is dangerous.

After Reeni Dutta's ex-husband Karl attacks her at a music festival, she finds a refuge teaching cryptid construct children at Klone's Stronghold in northeastern Oregon's isolated Bucket Mountains. But things are not as they seem at the Stronghold, from the older proprietors of a nearby store and the Stronghold's leader Alexander Reed Klone, to Reeni herself. She discovers it's not just Karl who seeks to control who and what she is, but forces from her past that threaten her present. Can she learn the truth about herself and do what is needed in time to defend the Stronghold?

 Click on the title to buy.

Friday, 24 August 2018

Not sure if I get any regular visitors but if I do, you may have noticed a lack of posts recently.

I've been away, having a wonderful time with my wonderful family, lots of laughs, food & drink. 😀

Speaking of food & drink, it's my birthday today & I'm being treated later to lunch out, so more food & drink. 
Back to the diet tomorrow. 😅 

Lots of cards & pressies, gotta love birthdays (even at my age) lol.

Just wanted to post this virtual card from my youngest bro...

Don't believe it though, he has delusions of grandeur. 😁


Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Another guest spot featuring 3 books by

Phil Parker

Robin Goodfellow to those he knows. Puck to those he’ll kill. He’s lived among humans for centuries, they think he’s a demon. The teenagers he’s forced to protect, despise him. This exiled warrior, traitor to the Fae and victim of persecution because of his sexuality, has turned into a lonely and unforgiving bastard. The ideal scapegoat when someone special needs killing.


Robin Goodfellow is a murderer, a king-killer. The war with the Fae may have ended, but as humanity slowly recovers, any gratitude they owed him quickly faded. The army has taken control and anyone with Fae blood in their veins is viewed with suspicion. Especially when it turns out at least one portal to Tir na nÓg still exists and assassins are using it to attack Robin. He needs to locate it so he can find out who wants him dead.
Meanwhile Robin isn’t the only one trying to stay alive. As Keir awaits his coronation as High Lord of the Dark Court, someone is intent on killing him too. It might have been a tough life as a servant but it’s preferable to getting a knife in your back.
In the Light Court, Filidea does all she can to bring the evil Lord Taranis to justice for rape. What she doesn’t know is his villainy goes even further. Her actions will place her in great danger. But she’s not the only one to suffer at Taranis’ hands. He has a history with Robin too.


Everything has gone wrong. Imprisoned by the army as a spy, Robin is powerless to stop their genocidal plans for the Fae race. Besides, even if he escaped, how could he resolve this ancient feud? There’s too much at stake and, for some, it offers a way to achieve great power and influence. What’s worse, Tir na nÓg is about to explode into civil war.
You can guarantee that when that happens Robin and his allies will be in the thick of it. But a message from beyond the grave provides a possible solution. Except no one knows where to find it, or even if it still exists. Without it, a lot of people are going to die. As the war between the two races reaches its climax, can the lies and treachery of the past be discovered in time?

These books are in Amazon's Kindle Unlimited or click on the titles to buy.

Monday, 6 August 2018

4th Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off (SPFBO4)

Witch Spelling 

The 99c/99p promo has come to an end (in most, if not all countries). There may still be a some books at the reduced price for a while longer as not all were scheduled time-slots, some were manually reduced & need to be manually reset.

I'm waiting until tonight (UK time) to reset my price back to normal & then it will depend on Amazon how long it actually takes for the price change to kick in, so, you can still pick up a bargain or 2 from the promo if you missed the earlier posts that have swept across FB, Twitter, YouTube etc over the last 5 days or more. 😊

The promo has been good & my book ranking for Witch Spelling has looked very pretty a few times, quite surprising really considering how many super-duper books were not only in the promo but also in the competition.

The competition itself carries on with the participating bloggers choosing & reviewing their favourites out of their alotted pile over the next few months. (More info in earlier posts below).

Good luck to all in the competition, there can be only 1 winner every year but for the rest of us, we can only hope for a good review from our judge on their own blog & for the extra eyes on our books that will be made possible from that.
My own judge has already said that parts, or all of the review can be used for promotional purposes, so fingers crossed that she likes Witch Spelling 🤞 

A big thanks to my buyers, I hope you enjoy my book/s.

My next book should be ready by mid-December (hopefully), it would make a good present for everyone you know (non-fiction) not only for Christmas but birthdays too. 😉 (Paperback only).
I'd like to make it earlier than that but it will depend on how life goes outside of writing, formatting, editing, cover creation etc.
There's also a Munich beer festival to fit in before that so a couple of weeks in the Czech Republic is scheduled to take in Oktoberfest. 🍺 😊


Sunday, 5 August 2018

Last day of the 4th Self-Published Fantasy 
Blog-Off (SPFBO4)

Witch Spelling will be 99p/99c for a little longer to take into account the different time zones between the UK, the US & anywhere else that might not be Sunday yet. 😊

Click here to buy in UK

Click here to buy in US 

The promo